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Peter Watson

Research Associate
E-mail:  via Jenny Doole

(Based in London and France)


Selected publications


Peter Watson was born in 1943 and educated at the universities of Durham, London and Rome.

He was deputy editor of New Society and spent four years as part of the 'Insight' team of The Sunday Times. He was New York correspondent of The Times and has written for the Observer, The New York Times, Punch and The Spectator.

He is the author of thirteen books and has presented several television programmes about the arts.

Since1998 he has been a Research Associate at the McDonald Institute for Archaeological Research, at the University of Cambridge.

Selected publications

Watson, P. 2006.   Ideas:  A History.  Orion

Watson, P  & C. Todeschini.  2006. The Medici Conspiracy: Organized Crime, Looted Antiquities, Rogue Museums. Public Affairs.

Watson. P.  2001.  A Terrible Beauty: The People and Ideas that Shaped the Modern Mind: A History.  Orion

Watson, P.  1997.  Sothebys:  The Inside Story.  Bloomsbury.

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